Innovation 90 Program Overview

Managing health care facilities and clinical operations has never been more challenging, especially with reimbursement projected to shift toward value-based payments. Serving AHA members means giving everyone the process and tools needed to explore, experiment and implement meaningful change that benefits patients, providers and payers alike.



November 5-7

AHA Office, Chicago

NEW Webinar: Spark Health Care Innovation with Design Thinking

Learn how design thinking can help your organization uncover innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges in this webinar, hosted by AHA Vice President of Education Lindsey Dunn Burgstahler and AHA Innovation 90 Facilitator and Master Trainer Kurt Baumberger.


The Innovation 90 Process

Innovation 90 is a methodology that has been proven to solve tough problems experienced by thousands of enterprises in hundreds of industries, including the health care field. Innovation 90 teaches a design thinking process that is both creative and critical and allows small, cross-functional teams to have a big impact on hospital operations and patient outcomes.

Innovation 90 encompasses three phases, which together result in a customer-driven solution in 90 days:

  1. Bootcamp prep: Identification of your design challenge
  2.  3-day bootcamp: Define your challenge, analyze data, co-create solutions, and outline a project plan.
  3. 90-day rapid prototyping: Partner with an Innovation Coach to transform your plan into action over 90 days

Who should attend the Innovation 90 program?

Who should attend the Innovation 90 program?

The ideal scenario is for an existing cross-functional team (three to five people) with a well-defined problem or opportunity to attend. The team should be open to using new tools, processes and approaches to complex problem solving. Following the program's 3-Day Bootcamp, the design team should plan to spend approximately 10 hours per week refining their prototype solution and have periodic access to their Executive Champion, key clinical contacts, and subject matter experts up and down the stakeholder chain to ensure implementation in 90 days.

Getting Started

Get Started

The Innovation 90 process starts by signing up your team of three to five participants for a three-day, immersive Bootcamp at the AHA's headquarters in Chicago, Ill.

Once your hospital’s team is registered, Innovation 90 will assign an Innovation Coach who has decades of experience working with a variety of health care institutions, including for profit, not-for-profit, mission based and academic medical centers.

Get Started

The first thing the Innovation Coach will do is guide your team in framing a challenge that Innovation 90 can address — a challenge that is desirable to solve, is feasible through a rigorous experimentation process and would have a sustainable impact on both your practice and profitability over time. Once your team has a clear design challenge to tackle, you’re ready for the 3-Day Bootcamp.

3-Day Bootcamp

3-Day Bootcamp

Preparing for Bootcamp

At least two weeks before the start of the Bootcamp, your team will receive a packet of information, including a detailed schedule, required reading, and any pre-Bootcamp assignments you may need to do, depending on the specific problem you want to solve. By collecting background information and current examples of user experience, your innovation team will have data needed to design practical innovation solutions.

Agenda for the 3-day Bootcamp

Day 1 will be spent framing your challenge, identifying knowledge gaps, and choosing and building out an immersive methodology to solve your challenge

Day 2 will be spent evaluating competing alternatives, generating ideas and creating a tangible solution

Day 3 will be spent designing a discussion guide to validate assumptions

3 Day Boot Camp Schedule
3-Day Bootcamp

Bootcamp Takeaway

Your team will create a Customer Journey Map with pain points, dozens of possible solutions, a set of prototypes, a list of allies from whom to collect feedback, an “elevator pitch” describing the value proposition and an action plan  for the next 90 days.

Continuing Education Credits

AHA Health Forum is authorized to award up to 21.5 hours of American College of Healthcare Executives (non-ACHE) Qualified Education Credit for this program toward advancement or re-certification in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

90 Days of Innovation Coaching

Keep the Momentum

Your team will be assigned an Innovation Coach to help you transform your 90-day plan into action. The Coach will engage with your team throughout this period to keep your project on track on a biweekly basis, assist you on overcoming organizational objections and ensure your idea becomes a reality.

2-Week Sprints

Your Innovation Coach will guide your team through a series of 2-week Sprints. At the end of each Sprint, your team will present a tangible prototype for executive feedback. This means you will need to spend 10 to 12 hours per week rolling up your sleeves and working on your solution, not simply attending meetings.

Much of your time will be spent running pilots of your innovation, i.e., collecting feedback and iteratively improving your solution by finding out what’s wrong with it. This systematically improves your innovation because it reduces concept risk, product risk and execution risk.

Get Real Results

You’ll see verifiable results in 90 days. These results will usually be demonstrable for a single department or business unit. The rollout of the solution to the rest of the organization may take three to nine months, depending on the scale of the implementation.