The solutions to the challenges hospitals face in a dynamic and highly challenging environment won’t emerge from traditional thinking. It will take a different approach to generate the new ideas and approaches that will move the field to value-based care.

To support our member hospitals in their work to transform the delivery of care, the American Hospital Association has created a suite of innovation-focused offerings and initiatives to spark the improvements needed by the field.  They include:

AHA Innovation Solutions

Learn more about innovation-focused education and opportunities offered by the American Hospital Association.

A personalized, 90-day consulting engagement paired with a 3-day immersive innovation “boot camp” that will help you and your team uncover insights, create a solution, build a prototype and see real results within 90 days.

A juried award program to help AHA members identify innovative solutions to issues associated with high-cost, high-need care populations. The top three proposals selected will receive prize amounts up to $100,000 to help bring their ideas to life.

NEW Webinar: Spark Health Care Innovation with Design Thinking

Learn how design thinking can help your organization uncover innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges in this webinar, hosted by AHA Vice President of Education Lindsey Dunn Burgstahler and AHA Innovation 90 Facilitator and Master Trainer Kurt Baumberger.